The Lone Cowboy (lncwby) wrote in midessathespian,
The Lone Cowboy

Hey Midessa Thespian is not dead. It just smells that way. lol

Okay listen up to the college kid cause I'm only gonna say this once!

Midland College will be doing: The Man Who Came to Dinner by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman (also known for thier play You Can't Take It With You)
It is very funny i own a copy of it and sugest all go to see it. The Man Who Came to Dinner will be preformed in the cole theatre from October 29 to November 13. When i find out show times I will post them. If someone already knows then then feel free to make a post letting everyone know.
Okay, at ease. Smoke um if you got um. lol
goodnight to all of you out there in LJ land and good night Mrs. Calabash wherever you are. lol =P~~~~
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