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OMG!!!! Do My EYES Decieve Me!!!! Was This Community Updated TWICE In One Day.

YES that is right I actually have something to say. And it involves

Troupe 5968

so all members need to listen up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been visiting the past few weeks and decided to make it a ritual when I'm not at work to come by and help ya'll out with UIL. You guys can use some outside influence becides Timms. I want to see ya'll suceed because even though I'm in college this is still my Troupe.
You didn't see much of me last semester because from may of 2003 to december of last year I was going through a rough and trying time emotionally and had to find myself. I can now continue my duties as the college guy who has no life except for theatre.
I've already informed Ashly I will be helping ya'll and she agrees it good.
Here is a little bit about me as an actor:
1. I'm a shock actor. I love to shock people. You've probably all seen me in my top hat. heeheehee
2. I'm a method actor. I thinkall actors should be and will try to get you to do method acting as much as possible.
3. I'm a character actor. In short I can play any role (including that of a woman) and this will help you because I'm can help you develope your characters and give you tips on developing them yourself. Also, I can easily take on your character to show you good ideas to use for it.

You will see me monday until 4:10 when I have to leave to get ready for work.
Til then.
As always I am your hapless maintainer Orson Welles-er-Alice Cooper-er-Shane "The Lone Cowboy".
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